Kelsey Berwin ́s motto is “Always be natural”. Since the company's origin, Kelsey Berwin has always loved the natural and continues to bank on its return to glory. Above and beyond the unique role natural products play in formulae the notion of flowers, trees, precious resins and other treasures constitutes the link that bonds perfumes dreams and humans. The quality should be accesible to everyone and this is Kelsey Berwin.

Kelsey Berwin Zeus Pour Homme was inspired by the greek God of thunder and sky. A sophisticated combination of essences is an aromatic testimony of the strong modern man. Top notes are full of pleasant fruity and aquatic aroma of cardamom and green apple. In its heart are sweet tones of lily of the valley and lavender, hile it ends with exotic patchouli, cedarwood and vetiver.

Top notes: Cardamom, Green Apple
Middle notes: Lily of the Valley, Lavender
Base notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver

In 2018 Kelsey Berwin launches Zeus Pour Femme as a reinterpretation of succesfull men ́s scent. The oriental fragrance was designed for energic and confident women. The scent is suitable for night wear, parties or any special occations.

Top notes: Pear, Pepper, Orange blossom
Middle notes: Jasmine, Coffee
Base notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vanilla

Kelsey Berwin Midnight Pleasure Eau De Parfum is an expression of elegance, romance and luxury. A composition of rose, lily of the valley, Black currant and bergamot designed for women who love new trends. Kelsey Berwin Midnight Pleasure is the ideal fragrance for any young lady.

Top notes: Black Current, Bergamot
Middle notes: Rose, Lily of the Valley
Base notes: Musk

Kelsey Berwin Midnight OUD for men is a fragrance dominated by warm and woody notes in combination with sage, bergamot and copaiba balm in the top and rose in the heart. The base notes create a very masculine trace of oud and sandalwood, amber, moss, and tobacco.

Top notes: Sage, Bergamot, Copaiba Balm
Middle notes: Rose, Cashmir Wood
Base notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Moss, Tobacco, Oud

Kelsey Berwin White Narcisse is a noble velvety unisex fragrance made of seducing birch petals at its heart and mystic birch wood notes. The fragrance opens with subtle and fresh bergamot and raspberry.

Top notes: Bergamot, Raspberry
Middle notes: Jasmine, Heliotrope, Birch
Base notes: Cedarwood, Leather

Kelsey Berwin Huberta is an unconventional fragrance for men. The scent is an expression of confident and ambitious personality. The fragrance opens with mix of floral tones and slowly changes into heavy woody notes.

Top notes: Freesia, Lavander, Sweet Floral Tones
Middle notes: Rose, Lilly of The Valley
Base notes: Agarwood, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Guaiak wood

Kelsey Berwin Zelimir is an intensive floral fragrance for all modern and confident women. The rich blend of flowers, apple, sweet fruits and woody tones make a very intense impression and instantly underline your personal attractiveness. Zelimir was inspired by the magic of the Orient.

Top notes: Apple, Sweet Fruit Tones
Middle notes: Raspberries, Peach, Rose, Jasmine
Base notes: Musk, Agarwood

Kelsey Berwin True Man Pour Homme is a floral fragrance which opens with the light refreshing essence of mimosa and sweet floral notes. In the heart you can find sweet jasmine in combination with rose and warm amber and musk in the base. Perfect suited for hot summer days.
Be a true man.

Top notes: Sweet floral notes, Mimosa
Middle notes: Rose, Jasmine
Base notes: Amber, Musk

Kelsey Berwin Al Mazyoona symbolizes luxury and uniqueness. The rich aroma is the perfect complement to all charming women and men who love elegance. The unisex scent is suitable for day and evening wear.

Top notes: Caramel, Cedarwood
Middle notes: Sandalwood, Amber
Base notes: Oud, Vanilla, White Musk

Kelsey Berwin Trudie Sport Pour Homme is a refreshing fragrance for men. The combination of lemon grass, citrus notes, jasmine, musk and amber will make your mind and body relax.

Top notes: Lemon Grass, Bergamot, Lime
Middle notes: Sweet Orange, Jasmine
Base notes: Musk, Amber

Kelsey Berwin Al Jawhara is a mystical oriental woody fragrance. This luxurious woody creation opens with Lavander and Mimosa and then continues with an unique mix of woody notes.

Top notes: Lavander, Mimosa
Middle notes: Agarwood
Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Amber

Kelsey Berwin Sheikh Al Shyookh is a woody fresh oriental fragrance for women. The intensive mix of fruity notes in combination with warm wood tones, star anise and vanilla gives feelings of passion, sensuality as well as aromatic freshness.

Top notes: Citrus, Bergamot
Middle notes: Woody Tones, Orange, Star Anise, Vanilla
Base notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Agarwood, Amber

Kelsey Berwin Osmond De ́Noir is an oriental-floral fragrance for women. The luxurious scent of Osmond De ́Noir combines citrus
notes perfectly with floral notes and jasmine.

Top notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Lime
Middle notes: Sweet Orange, Floral notes, Jasmine
Base notes: Amber, Musk

Kelsey Berwin Dinar is a fruity-woody fragrance for men. The top tones of Dinar Eau de Parfum include fruity freshness in the form of sweet apple, exotic pineapple and distinctive bergamot. The heart consists of the dry tones of cedarwood, the purity of jasmine and intense

patchouli. The scent ends with creamy musk and amber.

Top notes: Bergamot, Pineapple
Middle notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Jasmine
Base notes: Musk, Amber